When health issues such as smoking, cholesterol and obesity go down, productivity, employee retention and ROI go up. Financial wellness seeks and delivers similar impacts.

When a Financial Wellness Program eases employee financial stress, productivity goes up, and turnover goes down.

Employees who enjoy peace of mind regarding their personal finances are more inclined to be happy, productive associates who transfer the quality of their employment experience into everything they do.

Conversely, employees who are “financially stressed” negatively impact an organization’s bottom line. Studies show that personal financial distress can result in lost productivity, absenteeism and even health issues.

With the addition of a full-service financial wellness program

  • Employee stress is reduced
  • Productivity and performance improve
  • Financial liabilities are mitigated
  • Absenteeism decreases
  • Turnover goes down
  • Healthcare costs decrease
  • Pay satisfaction increases

Source: Case Study, Fortune 500 Company, Source: FFI