Edge 401k Funds Make National News

News about Edge 401k Funds and the financial wellness component built into its funds has been featured on more than 1200 major websites including Yahoo! Finance, Fox Business, MarketWatch, InvestorPlace, InvestTalk, PlanAdvisor and PlanSponsor, as well as in print and digital editions of the Boston Globe, Dallas Morning News and Miami Herald.

Additional stories talking about Financial Wellness, featuring Edge 401k Funds principals Tom Ruggie and Michael Case Smith have been published by 401kWire, Plan Advisor/Plan Sponsor, Next Avenue (a PBS affiliate), Employee Benefit News and appeared on Forbes.com.

Can Companies Solve Workers’ Money Problems?

The Wall Street Journal ‘Can Companies Solve Workers’ Money Problems?‘ By Rachel Feintzeig 7 April 2015 Companies are expanding their wellness programs to focus on workers’ wallets in addition to their waistlines. Meredith Corp., Staples Inc. and PepsiCo Inc., among others, have begun offering programs aimed at improving employees’ financial security. Modeled after physical-wellness programs […]

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Boomers Drive Pitch for Wellness Products

Money Management Executive ‘Boomers Drive Pitch for Wellness Products’ By Andrew Shilling 30 March 2015 The demands of Baby Boomers nearing retirement have pushed product providers to market their offerings as not just investments, but also financial wellness tools to manage retirees’ lives. Part of that message, providers and advisors say, comes from recognizing that […]

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Financial wellness plans can decrease company costs

As the climate for financial independence changes, some companies are attempting to educate their employees about money management so they can contribute more money to their retirement. Financial expert Michael Case Smith began Edge 401(k) Funds with partner Thomas Ruggie last year. Smith said the time has come for companies to take a look at […]

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Financial wellness complements retirement

Slowly but steadily, saving for retirement is returning to professionally managed funds with automatic features. That’s been the trend the past 15 years, says Michael Case Smith, co-founder and managing director of Edge 401k Funds, based in Winter Park, Fla. “We want good things happening when people do nothing,” he says. Still, Smith says, many […]

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Should You Take Money Advice Where You Work?

Health wellness programs at work are so 20th century. Financial wellness programs are the new buzzy employee benefit, and if your employer isn’t offering one yet, it may soon.

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Recent Product Introductions that Plan Sponsors May Find of Interest

Platform Enhancements Nationwide has expanded its 3(38) investment fiduciary service from IRON Financial LLC. The service will now include fiduciary monitoring of Nationwide ProAccount, the company’s managed account service, at the plan level for no additional cost. When a plan sponsor adopts the 3(38) service, IRON Financial assumes the responsibility and legal liabilities associated with […]

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2015 outlook: Why financial wellness is the next big trend

Worksite wellness has been a significant theme throughout 2014, particularly focused on health wellness and the extended benefits of a healthy workforce. As we look toward 2015, we can anticipate the wellness movement to continue through the expansion of financial wellness, a component of the movement specifically focused on helping individuals ease economic stress, overcome […]

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Six Investment Mistakes To Avoid In 2015

Whether you have been investing for years or just starting out, chances are you are going to make some mistakes. Unfortunately for tons of investors, the problem is they don’t learn from those mistakes.

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401(k) Industry Veterans Launch Financial Wellness Funds for Retirement Plans

Financial industry veterans Tom Ruggie, ChFC, CFP and Michael Case Smith announce they have partnered with Alta Trust to create the Edge Collective Fund Series, one of two cornerstones of an innovative retirement plan concept called Edge 401k Funds – which offers an array of financial wellness services to participants who choose to invest in these Funds.

“The financial wellness component helps the employer prioritize retirement readiness. As the financial coaches work with participants on their short-range financial goals, it helps ease financial stress, which increases productivity, employee satisfaction, and decreases absenteeism and medical costs.”

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Firm Offers Financial Wellness via Investment Menu

The new fund series is described by provider Edge 401k Funds as the only offering of its kind where financial wellness services are offered directly through the 401(k) plan investment menu and paid for by the funds’ expense ratios. The firm says the fund series can be added to an existing plan or included as part of a new 401(k) plan.

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