About Us

It started with a drive…

In 2013, Insurance Office of America (IOA), one of the nation’s largest independent commercial risk and benefit managers, turned to financial industry veterans Tom Ruggie, ChFC, CFP, and a colleague to develop a program to upgrade retirement programs for IOA clients.

Tom, a veteran consultant to over 700 plans, knew that traditional 401(k) education had not been the answer in the past, and that many employees were dealing with various financial issues outside their 401(k). He knew that traditional 401(k) funds were not the answer, either.

One day, driving to a 401(k) enrollment meeting, Tom and his team started discussing what it would take to engage participants in more meaningful ways with their financial futures. At the meeting, Tom began asking LOTS of questions and the team listened carefully to the answers. What they realized was that traditional 401(k) plans – with their nicely-produced brochures and videos – didn’t go far enough to ‘move the dial’ in engaging participants and helping them in meaningful ways to reach their retirement goals.

They figured that by adding a financial wellness component which would proactively provide advice in other financial areas such as budgeting, debt management, funding education and overall savings, they could help 401(k) plans work better for plan participants and sponsors.

We believe our innovative process is unlike any other you have seen before.

About Tom Ruggie

Thomas H. Ruggie, ChFC, CFP


  • 23 years in the financial industry
  • Barron’s Top 1000 Advisors1; 50 Fastest Growing RIA Firms2;
  • Top 100 Wealth Managers3; Top RIA’s/List of Fastest-Growing Firms4;
  • Top 100 Independent Advisors5; Top 100, Top 40 Most Influential Advisors6;
  • Top Wealth Managers7; Top Wealth Advisors8
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Eric Inge

Vice President, Retirement Plans

Eric has been recognized for his expertise and top performance helping employers/plan sponsors and employees with an array of employee benefits, including 401(k) plans, group health, payroll outsourcing, human resources, workers’ compensation insurance, and workplace safety. He has also taught continuing education classes covering retirement planning, health insurance and labor law compliance.

During his eight years as a Senior Sales Consultant at Paychex, he was first named Rookie of the Year and then qualified for the company’s Inner Circle Elite (ICE), an honor awarded to only 25 reps company-wide (3,000+. He later brought his client-centered approach to his positions as Vice President of Jordan Dynamics, where he added 401(k) and payroll to their line-up of services, and as partner in Redwood Recovery Solutions.

In 2013, Eric was named “Man of the Year” by the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of the Palm Beaches and now serves on their board, and in 2015-16, he served on the Board of Governors of Leadership Palm Beach County. He is also actively involved with Place of Hope and many other charitable and community-building organizations. An avid CrossFit Athlete, Eric and his wife especially enjoy time raising their two children.